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What is Starburst about?


Admittedly, Starburst is not innovative in terms of the game principle. Still, there are a few notable features that set the slot apart from the competition. You can find out which these are and why the machine is so popular in our review of the classics from NetEnt.

Starburst is a classic video slot in every detail. It relies on a spacey arcarde soundtrack, glittering gemstones as symbols and lacks the usual card symbols. The game principle is classical, the operation is simple and there are only a few special features here. But this doesn’t change the fact that a look at the slot machine is worthwhile.

Starburst Experience: Short Summary

The bottom line is that the gaming experience itself isn’t a big highlight. Certainly, the animations are successful, the slot plays very smoothly and is entertaining and fast. But what inspires is its simplicity. This paired with only a few symbols and an outstanding payout ratio make the Starburst slot a real highlight among the classics. The space theme has been implemented consistently and successfully and the experience with the slot is consistently positive, both mobile and on the desktop.

Rules of the Game

The rules are very simple and do not differ from other slot classics on the market. You choose a coin value between 1 cent and 1 euro and can split the coin value across the levels into up to 10 coins of the same type. This results in stakes between 10 cents and 100 euros per spin.

Then you can either let the Starburst play for free a certain number of spins automatically or you press the spin button to trigger the spin. In principle, that’s it. There is no more. There are no free spins, no bonus game and no risk ladder or similar additional promotional options. Only the wild feature has been added, which is a symbol that acts as a wild card and replaces all other symbols. It takes up the entire reel and triggers a re-spin. Since NetEnt clearly focuses on simplicity with a stress on a high payout ratio and simple rules, it works quite well.

What is Starburst about?

Winning Opportunities and Symbols in Starburst

One of the special features of the Starburst game is a very high payout rate of 98.13%. NetEnt has made a blast here, because the rate is far above the average payout rate of comparable slots of around 96%.

The high odds result from the fact that there are only six symbols in the game. This, in conjunction with the ten paylines, means that hits are often generated and wins are made. The single symbols already achieve payout percentages of 250 times the stake (Bar symbol appears 5 times in a payline).

There are a total of ten profit lines. This makes the game transparent and clear.

Starburst Free Spins and Wild Symbol

Anyone looking for free spins at Starbust will look in vain. There are only re-spins that are triggered by the wild symbols. The Wild symbols always occupy a complete reel and trigger a re-spin on the remaining reels, which in turn can result in three wild symbols. Since they count as jokers and can stand for any symbol, you can often achieve good hit rates through re-spins, thanks in particular to the low number of symbols overall.

The fact that you search in vain at Starbust Free Spins is not a disadvantage, but is part of the concept: simplicity and high payout percentages. That’s all it takes for a good slot!

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