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Lightning Link Pokies Online Real Money Australia

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Crucial Facts About Lightning Link Pokies

Some people love playing logic games that require a lot of thinking and planning. Others prefer to have fun while spinning since you do it fast and win great rewards. But Lightning Link pokies are even better when it comes to spinning. Lightning Link real money pokies offer an extremely fast game and equally fast winnings. There is a reason why the slots are called Lighting Link slots.

The idea of Lighting Link pokies is pretty new since the slots were released only in 2015. But since then, Lightning Link pokies have earned the fame and love of millions of users. The reason why people love these pokies is simple - you earn rewards at lightning speed. The winnings might not be as huge, but you keep earning them frequently. Lightning Link pokies online real money Australia offer players to have fun while winning most of the time.

Why People Prefer Lightning Link Pokies?

A lot of players who have abandoned playing casino games have claimed they wanted to win with a higher frequency. And that’s true, it’s a lot more interesting to play casino games when you win, not just lose. Even if these winnings are not too big, you still have fun and gain the rash of adrenaline while playing Lightning Link pokies Australia.

Plus, there is one interesting feature that allows you to hold and spin. You spin until you run out of spins. If you spin and after a while, you see a certain combination of symbols, you might even win better rewards. Another reason why people prefer Lightning Link pokies is because of the bonuses. There are so many interesting free spin bonuses that it is nearly impossible not to win at least some rewards.

When you spin and hit special symbols, you get a chance to play a bonus game. As you might already know, the bonus game grants you a chance to spin several more times. Since it is a Lightning Link bonus game, most likely, you win some rewards for free.

What Bonuses You Can Get?

One of the most popular bonuses you might get while playing the Lightning Link pokie games is the Hold and Spin bonus. When you hit certain symbols, you gain a huge advantage that allows you to win several jackpots. Most of the time, people win mini jackpots, but there are chances to win minor or major jackpots as well. But the most wanted jackpot is, of course, the grand jackpot. But you have to fill several spots with special symbols. Only those symbols can unlock the jackpot.

Free spins are also popular since they give a chance to win better rewards for free. There are several types of free spins, usually, they depend on the types of symbols or sometimes words that hit the screen. For example, if you hit the giant symbols, you will see the merge of several reels.

Another possible bonus is called reveal symbols. This is not entirely a bonus game since players spin and reveal a special symbol. There are several covered places, and while you play, you reveal these spots. When you open the first spot, you see the first special symbol. Afterward, all the covered spots will reveal this same symbol. There is a chance to trigger the hold and spin feature, or to open wild symbols.

You can also hit some free bonus spins that might add wild symbols to the game. It depends on the type of the pokie, you either gain up to two hundred wild symbols, or you gain multipliers to these wild symbols.

Australian Lightning Link Pokies Real Money

If you want to learn how to play Lightning Link pokies, you should know that there are several types of game modes. The type of game is usually called a denomination. There are two types of denominations:

  • • 1c and 2c with a 50 line game mode
  • • 5c and 10c with a 25 line game mode

It doesn’t matter which type of game you choose, you still gain progressive jackpots. Yes, each time the jackpot is not taken, it is increased. So it is actually a good way to earn money - even if you don’t hit the jackpot from the first or second time, you still have a chance to hit it and win better rewards.

And while you are playing, there are chances to hit different bonus options. For example, one of the favorite bonuses are those that grant free spins. There are different combinations of symbols, and when you see them on the screen, you gain a chance to spin more and thus win more.


The Lightning Link pokie game is not too different from other pokies. It is easy to understand how it works the moment you start playing. You can read the rules of the online casino to gain a better understanding of what you can get. But one thing you surely get is fun.