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Choy Sun Doa - 1800.00 AUD Daniel
Lightning Link
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Lightning Link - 990.00 AUD Jesse
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Indian Dreaming - 460.00 AUD Chloe

Aristocrat Lightning Link

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If you are into online casino pokies, you understand that these casino games are just like those that you play in real casinos. Instead of wasting time on the road to a casino, you play games from home. The experience is the same, the wins might be even better since the owners of the casinos don't have to pay for rent and spend money on other expenses. Relatively, the winnings are better.

Players who prefer playing online know that these games are never rigged due to the fact that most casinos have licenses and use great-quality software. One of such companies that offer great quality software is Aristocrat. This company has come up with an extremely nice idea and has created Aristocrat Lightning Link pokies.

The Lightning Link Aristocrat online pokie is special and offers something that other pokies do not - more frequent winnings. The Lightning Link is available on all Android or iOS devices, including PCs and tablets. Most people prefer to play from their phones since it is more convenient and funny.

Aristocrat Lightning Link Pokies Peculiarities

Aristocrat is one of the most innovative companies that create safe and funny games for people to have fun. Aristocrat has created Lightning Link to be more active rather than passive. It has tons of different fun features that make this game not only enjoyable but active and full of different bonus games.

There are several bonus options. If you have been playing Lightning Link before, you know that this game has at least 6 bonus options that you can trigger. And what is most important - you can even trigger other bonus games while playing bonus rounds.

The symbols and pictures are unique and extremely attractive. This peculiarity also makes the game so favorable. The developers and the designers did their best while creating it.

The Lightning Link is also so popular because it has high chances to give rewards. The payoffs are big, the chances to hit the jackpot are decent. Moreover, the bonuses are great, and there are even multipliers to the winnings. So if you expect to win one reward, there are high chances that you double or even triple those rewards.

Not to mention that the game offers progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is better than the regular one since it is gradually increasing. All the time you don't hit the jackpot, it is increased. So the longer the game, the better. And there are lots of features that make this game longer. Bonuses are triggered, additional games appear, etc.

Advantages Of Playing Lightning Link Pokie Games

There are several advantages of playing Lightning Link:

  • • Better rewards — drop more frequently.
  • • You can hit different types of jackpots.
  • • Progressive jackpot — the longer you play, the better.
  • • A lot of bonus features that trigger even more rewards.
  • • Multipliers are available.
  • • The game has an attractive design.

Combined with bonuses that you can get from the casino, Lightning Link seems to be even more attractive. You can visit the specific page on our portal to learn what online casinos offer the best free or deposit bonuses to use them to your own advantage. And you might also learn where to find Lightning Link pokies.

You should also learn that there are the minimum and maximum wages you can place. The minimum is usually standard everywhere, and as for the maximum, it depends on different casinos. Make sure you learn more about what a casino can offer. Some casinos offer better conditions than the other. Learn more about the best casinos on our portal so you can choose the most suitable one.

Lightning Link Bonuses

As mentioned before, there are different types of bonuses. Some of these bonuses multiply your rewards, others trigger bonus games, etc. The symbols that trigger these bonuses are unique, created specifically for the Lightning Link game. Whenever you hit a certain combination of different symbols, you get either bonus games or extra rewards.

Some bonus games trigger mini jackpots, so you even get better chances of winning greater rewards. One of the most attractive things about Lightning Link is that you can get free coins. Sometimes you get not the coins but pearls — it depends on the theme of the Lightning Link. If you get a coin (pearl), you get several free spins. The number of spins depends on the number written on the coin.

When you gain your free spins, you keep winning rewards, and you still have a chance to get even more golden coins. And if you gain another coin, you gain another portion of free spins. And then, you can do it again until you run out of spots — golden coins that you have unlocked stay in the position - they are locked, but the reels keep spinning.